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tv   KCRG TV9 First News  ABC  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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>> from kcrg, tv-, this is continuing coverage of flood 2016. 9. >> welcome into monday morning. here's the waiverly city cam. this is the cedar river, the major components from waiverly working its way on down. we'll check in with kyle to look at the river levels. first, we'll the first alert forecast. >> no rain in the forecast today live first alert points out the radar is dry. you're looking at ground clutter here. that's what you'rere seeing on liveit first alert pinpoint our temperatures are cool this morning because we cleared out now that the cool front has pushed through. we're sitting at 51 in cedar rapids and in iowa city. it's 52 degrees in dubuque and, 52 in waterloo and manchester. we'll warm up today
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67 degrees for the high today. we're dry. a lot of sunshine and a few passing clouds and keep the clear skies around for the overnight allowing to us drop down into the 50 and others to the upper 40s. let's go over to ky to talk about the river levels. >> thank you very much. we're getting more and more updates along the cedar river basin. out of vinton, we're situated at the cre around 21.7 feet. however, it keeps going up. so that's the one thing we have to watch for here on all of this. we're at 21.7 right now. it is at its crest point. not expecting to exceed this by much but what that does is increase confidence in what will eventually occur at cedar rapids. we jumped 18 feet at the river. the crest is about a five-foot rise to 23 feet by about this time tomorrow morning and notice the
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side of the screen. you get into the lower 20s on the cedar river stage, it reaches the bottom of the bridge decks in the area. the recent impacts that we have seen in the next four go like this. right at 18 feet. we're starting to see it's affecting the lowest section, 18 1/2 and the palo gauge is reporting excessive stream flow right now. that does increase the confidence on the river stage that eventually occurs at cedar rapids. we independence yesterday. this ises croing into major stage later today and into the early morning here of our wednesday. that's kind of a slower rise to get to that crest point but crossing that major threshold late tonight, early tomorrow at anamosa and dubuque, it's taking a long time for the mississippi to start to rise and it's in progress right now. continuing and should crest by the time we get to the end of this week. the cedar river is at the top of mind.
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>> chris: let's go to a live look. cedar river hit major flood stage. the river is expected to crest tomorrow morning. kcrg is live downtown. what does it look like at this moment? >>reporter: chris, i'm outside of the not building. we had a police escort to get down here that officer told me this river didn't look anything like this when he came into workt p.m. i'll step out of the way so you can take a look at it. this there is a bench and this is center park area. there's a little, red bench and i don't know if youe can see it because it's under water. this water is rising fast and it's not a safe area. the not building does motte building has sandbags and we told you about the massive effort to get everything prepared for what we will deal with today.
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of the flooding out in vinton. that could be a good sign for what we will see over the next 24 hours. i want to remind you again, there is a curfew in place. like i said, i had a police escort to get down to this area. it's definitely not safe to be down here. the river is rising quickly and it's dangerous. it's expected to crest tomorrow morning. it's imperative to stay safe, stay away from this area and keep up with tv-9. i'm going to place this fly swatter so we can see quickly this river is moving and we'll check that over our morning show this morning. live in seared rapids, kcrg. >> city of cedar rapids closed off a number of roads and bridges along the cedar river as well as projected flood zone. crews blocked off the edgewoodr road bridge north of ellis late yesterday afternoon. ellis road northwest has been shutt down for days. the cedar has not quite reached the bridge yet and it's closed down as a
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be the only bridge open in thei entire city. givee yourself plenty of extra time if you must cross the cedar river. east ofi the city. the u.s. highway 30 bridge will also' be opened but for many people, it's out of the way in many people in cedar rapids and many streets are closed or will be closed close to the river be. be aware of that. the ramps next to seared rapids are also closed right now. they're closed to i-73 and the wilson avenue ramps on the south and west side of the river. consider 33rd avenue if you're trying to access on the west side. of course of course, the i-380 bridge will stay open. many people whoof live along the cedar river will be out of their homes for most of the week. they asked everybody in the red area to be out of their properties by 8: 00 p.m. police and the national guard are setting up dozens of checkpoints around the
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and have you seen law enforcement presence out there this monday morning? >>reporter: well, chris, i'm standing a little bit to the southeast of the czech village. if youou look behind me, you can see a road closed sign, no check points to be found and there won't be. we're hearing from officials that's not going to happen until some time later dap. we're waiting for the national guard to get here. to the area and what they're going to do is establish some of those checkpoints and assist law enforcement with patrolling this evacuation zone from the 8: 00 p.m. to 7: 00 a.m. curfew times. what we're also hearing is some people are concerned about looting. we checked with authorities this morning. what they told us is they haven't had any reports of looting. very good thing there. there are additional officers on hand inside that
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businesses homes, they all stay safe. we are waiting again for the national guardsmen to arrive sometime today and establish up to 73. we've heard upwards of 75 different checkpoints along the evacuation zone, and that's about the latest for now. again, there aren't any actual checkpoints in place at this time but there are extra officers in the evacuation zone making sure that property and homes are safe and again, no reports of looting this point. chris? >> chris: that's forest sounders live. thank you. twowo shelters are set up for anyone who had to evacuate. one is st. paul's on the southeast side and the other is west at cedar hills community church on e avenue northwest. kcrg, tv-9's lauren winfrey will show us. >>reporter: residences evacuate theirce homes ahead of flooding.
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hills community church, the red cross has stepped in to help those displaced families and offering food and shelter to other various services to those who might need them. organizers says although they're prepared to shelter andi serve hundreds, right now, theh number of residents who checked in remains low but that all could change throughout the morning andl later into the day. i spoke with a woman who says she and her children had to relocate from the shelter downtown because the water was shut off although she's concerned about her well being, right now, she's just really happy to see the community come together in this time of >> it's just seeing everybody out there just coming together to just donating their time to help the community, that always puts a smile on my face to see how everybody can come together. >>reporter: crystal says she was around in 2008 for that record-breaking flooding. sheth describes it at scary andd devastating and says although it may be heartbreaking to see the city prepare for the worst
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community support has been tremendous. now all shelters in the area are open 24 hours, you. so new haven't left your homeco now and you decide to, the organizers at the shelter say they will welcome you with open arms. >> chris: alliance energy does not anticipate getting widespread power outages in cedar rapids but it will that do flood. they have shut off power to 35 customers in one location and 50 other customers asked them to shutl off their electricity. if you need alliance to shut off your power, call 800-455-4268 and say the word emergency. that will connect you quickly to the proper person. mid american energy has cut off natural gas to at least
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the company expects that number to bec much higher tomorrow. the city will not pick up garbage,i recycling and yard waste in the evacuation zone this week but all of the rest of cedar rapids will be on normal collection scheduling. there are several school closures in cedar rapids, as you probably know about for today. the cedar rapids school district is closed today, tuesday and wednesday. the cedar rapids metro catholic schools are also closed those same days and mey cancelled classes today and tomorrow. and one other note, the city's two hospitals, community point st. luke's and mercy medical center, are expected to operate normally during the flood.ig although people may have to find an alternate route with downtown and edgewood bridge closed off. at this hour, cedar river is rising well into major flood stage intoxt cedar rapids. kyle will update those levels next so you can know
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>> chris: good >> thank you for keeping here to kcrg-tv9. for cedar rapids and from cedar falls to waterloo. we're focusing on vinton that is at the point of cresting. 27.4 to be specific is where we're at right now which is slightly, slightly above the forecast crest. not by much. let's just hope it can stop there and not go any higher, but that does lend a lot of confidence as to what is stillt anticipated for the cedar at cedar rapids. we're at 18 feet. anticipated to crest around 23 feet tomorrow morning
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end of this work week going into the first part of the weekend. impacts are as follows off to the right-hand side of the screen. when you talk about a height of 23 feet, you're looking at the river to reach the bottom bridge decks in downtown cedar rapids and the top of the first levy at 22 feet. in the short term when we talk about 18 feet, here are the next fourto impacts and thise is going to valid for the next several hours. once we surpass 18 feet, we'll shuffle this down and scroll those at 18 1/2 feet, you will see affect at the lower residences in palo. palo is high right now. 19 1/2 feet reaches at the bottom of the bridge deck. so you can anticipate some impacts there and at 22.2 feet, it reaches the bottom of the 3rd avenue bridge and you saw the other impacts as well. we're monitoring the whopsy river andl it crested yesterday at independence. en a most sa, 24.1 foot
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area this has been a slow river and there's so much waterr in there. and by the time this crest rolls through cedar rapids, our focus will be on dubuque or close to it by the very end of this work week. thankfully, your first alert forecast is very quiet and brittly has the details. >> thankfully, we are quiet and that's because we have that cold front p are much cooler and our skies are now clear. so your first alert all green, not a thing to worry about weather-wise today today, you are looking at our tnn city cam down at the river. it's slowly rising. ty gave you those river levels at the first few minutes. our temperatures are into the 50s. cool start to the morning. cedar rapids, 51 degrees. dubuque, 52. here's my first alert.point
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we're not really seeing anything here in the tv 9 viewing area. pinpoint futurecast will show that and that cold front off to our east. we're going to stay very cool today. our temperatures only topping out into the 60s as we keep the clear skies around. quiet weather pattern in place and we'll keep it that way for some time and go into the evening tonight and early tomorrow morning. we stay dealing with today weather-wise will be the wind. as we start off this morning , here's your wind forecast. robly about five to ten miles per hour. notice as we go into the afternoon, these winds do pick up. here we are, 1:00 this afternoon, starting to see those winds probably about 15 to 25 miles per hour. gusting 30 at times. into the evening those winds die back down. your first alert forecast for today, you mention
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all because of a westerly wind at 15 to 25 and a cold front pushing through. 67 for a high in cedar rapids. 68 in iowa city and 66 in waterloo. tonight, even cooler as we keep the clear skies around those temperatures will drop into the 40s. 44 for a low tonight in cedar rapids and 43 in waterloo. here's your extended forecast as we go for the next few days here. still pretty dry. tuesday, a lot of sunshine. 66 degrees. 64 on wednesday, a few more clouds nine-day extended forecast. dry all the way it looks till monday and our temperatures will warm only into the low 70s for the weekend. not until next week when we start to warm back up into the mid to upper 70s and our next best chance for rain won't be until tuesday
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here in downtown, we're expecting the cedar to spread across several >> >> chris: we're keeping track of kcrg-tv9 is live near the cedar river. what are you seeing now? >> well, chris, the cedar river is definitely rising. i'm standing right outside of the motte building. you can take a look. this iss the center park
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the river and watch. you can't do anything like that right now. there's a little orange bench that you can see is practically under water and we had a police escort take us out here and he told me when he came into work, it didn't look anything like i put this marker out there 15 minutes ago and we will see how quickly this water is rising and we told you about the massive effort to sandbag and build the barriers and they are definitely doing their job the water's not that high yet but i was out in vinton over the past couple of days and they did hold up there. there's hope for downtown cedar rapids and just want to remind everyone that there is a curfew in place. it is 8: 00 p.m. to 7: 00 a.m. and no one is allowed to be in this area again. i had a police escort take us down here and we're leaving after we're done with our morning show. it's not a safe area but yes, the water is rising. it's supposed to crest tomorrow morning, overnight
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definitely remember stay out of this area. be safe and keep it here on tv 9 for the latest updates. live in downtown cedar rapids, kcrg-tv9 >> >> chris:we that video shows us whatr we are up for tomorrow when that crest hits. let's go to kyle in the first alert forecast. >> the month of september has blown its way out to the east. for the most part, we're looking at a decent st of days looking that way as well. your current temperature readouts are primarily into the 50sand a handful of upper 40s toward central
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>> chris: the one part that you will notice that's a bit cooler than we've been used to for the last few days and they're in the 40s. september is gone. it's ao reality check because average highs for the end of september are 68 toto 70 north and south. we're right about there for today it will also be a little windy today as brittly talked about, 15 to 25 miles per hour for the wind speeds today. high temperatures will be back up and they're into the upper 60s. we're approaching a blocking pattern which means there's little change day to day.
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on kcrg-tv9 and on our website, stay connected with theno weather app. there are different features and we can target the alerts to your location but we can send you a push right to your phone to keep you updated inbetween newscasts. out and about at 10:00 in the morning, and you hear a ding on your phone, that's probably us telling you about the flooding. if can't send it to you that's a great way to keep you connected. >> chris: you sent out an email early thursday morning talking about where we might be after this. for those of us who got this email, kcrg-tv9 it was jarring thinking is it going to happen, but it is. >> that came back at 24 feet and that's close. five days avance, that was close. weather service and they did
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>>announcer: this is continuing coverage of flood 2016. >> chris: welcome to monday morning. e' we're at 5: 00 a.m. on september 26th. we're still in the dark, of course, at this hour and here's ac live look at the we'llo check in with meteorologist cielg mayor in a minute. looking over the levels and watching those closely hour by hour and >> we're in for a calm day weather-wise. it's going tolo be a bit breezy. there we go, the wind. we got winds out of the west right now at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. those will


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